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02/04/2021 09:39:27 PM

Thank you to the team at CivilCorp for their donation to our Fulshear Campus.  Tommy Kuykendall, Vice President of CivilCorp, and his wife, Rhonda, have been instrumental in helping Texana make our dream of a Fulshear campus a reality.  We truly appreciate their continued support!!


Texana Center’s new Fulshear Campus will include a third location for the Children’s Center for Autism and the new Center for Advancement.  The Center for Advancement is a new program that will provide training for teens and young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities in a community college-like setting, offering an array of classes where they can learn social and employment skills, explore their strengths and prepare to lead productive and fulfilling lives.  Texana’s Bistro & Boutique is scheduled to open when it safe to do so. This will be a retail-training center serving coffee and simple sandwiches and salads as well as selling items from around the Houston area crafted by individuals with disabilities.

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