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Dianne Wilson was involved with one of Texana Center’s two predecessor organizations, Central Gulf State Operated Community Services, prior to being chosen by Commissioners’ Court to represent Fort Bend County on the newly formed Texana MHMR Board in 1999. Making full use of her professional mediation skills Dianne helped to transition the merger between Riceland Regional Mental Health Authority and Central Gulf State Operated Community Services to become Texana MHMR. She was very much involved in the initiative to move Texana’s headquarters from Wharton to Rosenberg, as that was the area where most growth was taking place. As you can image this move was not an easy task but Dianne is always willing to do the right thing which may not always be the popular thing.

In 2006, Dianne was selected to lead Texana as the Board Chair and has fulfilled that role ever since. She is extremely passionate about the work that Texana does, having a family member with an intellectual disability, but she also cares for those with mental illness and children with developmental delays including autism. Dianne really brings out the best in others and is always willing to listen to both sides of a story before making a decision and to compromise, when necessary. She is very trustworthy and when she says she is going to do something, she always follows through. She understands the Board’s role to govern and does not try to micro-manage but rather empowers those around her. However, she does hold people accountable.

Dianne’s volunteerism does not stop at Chairing the Board Meetings, she willingly rolls up her sleeves and gets involved with all types of projects including; climbing a ladder and painting the bathrooms in the Children’s Center for Autism, helping to tie 300 chair covers for a Texana Gala before going home to change for the event, participating with Texana’s Youth in Philanthropy projects, monitoring the “Hole in One competition at the Texana Tee Off and driving the drinks cart at the golf tournament, too. She is always looking for supplies for Texana’s Arts & Crafts and Décor & More… programs and will personally transport donations to the center; nothing is ever too much trouble for Texana. Since retiring as Fort Bend County Clerk, Dianne has begun painting and has donated a number of pieces to Texana Center, so even her hobby benefits Texana!

If Texana Center is having an event, Dianne will always be there and will invite others to attend. She is always willing to donate to Texana Center’s fundraising program and is not shy at asking others to do the same. Since Dianne joined the board, Texana has grown tremendously with several new campuses and services; she is willing to try new approaches placing her trust in the Leadership Team. She is one of the reasons that Texana Center is the organization it is today serving over 16,000 adults and children each year which is why we think she deserves the Outstanding Board Service award.

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