06/01/2018 11:13:30 AM

Texana Center was very pleased to receive a $14,000 grant for the autism program in Rosenberg. These funds be used to help renovate and replace a twenty year old playground, which has rusted and does not meet childcare licensure standards. As children with autism spectrum disorder today are being diagnosed at a much earlier age, Texana needs a playground suitable for children as young as 2 to 5 years old.


For most children, the playground is typically the first place where they connect with other children and with the world at large. Play is important for developing; thinking, language, emotional, problem solving and creative skills in children. Play does not come naturally to children with autism; they have to learn the play skills that come easily to most typically developing children. The playground provides a great learning tool for children with autism and will allow Texana to teach skills such as; how to climb, slide, swing, jump, twist, spin, explore, and interact with the equipment. Social skills will also be taught so that the children learn how to play with others, share and take turns.


Kate Johnson-Patagoc said “The Fort Bend Junior Service League has really made a difference to our autism programs and we are thrilled to as a beneficiary of their amazing Sugar Plum Market. This playground will make a huge difference to the younger children in our program as we teach skills that will change their lives and for that we thank all the members for their work.”

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