08/25/2016 08:00:16 AM

Did you noticed the sign was gone? Have no fear, we’re still coming to Fulshear! (We just had to comply with the city signage ordinance.)

The Texana Campus at Fulshear will include our nationally recognized Children’s Center for Autism, which treats children ages 2 to 21; our Therapy for Tots program, which serves children ages 0 to 3 that have a developmental delay; and our Behavior Improvement Center, which treats those with autism or intellectual disabilities ages 3 through adult.

In addition to the children’s programs, the campus will include a new college-like program for adults with autism and/or intellectual disabilities who wish to continue their education and learn skills that will help get them work-ready.

There will also be a retail center for Texana Décor and More… where clients will be able to practice their new skills.


If you wish to know more about this campus OR would like to help us make it happen, please contact Tracey Shaw, Director of Development and Community Relations at 281-239-1311.

If you would like to learn more about Texana’s services and programs or tour, please contact Andi Wallis, Community Relations Manager at 281-239-1427.

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