12/18/2017 08:23:24 AM


Texana Center was delighted to receive a $10,300 grant for the autism program in Rosenberg.  These funds will be used to purchase a shade for a playground structure which the Fort Bend Junior Service League donated to Texana Center in 2013.

Texana recognizes the importance of fresh air and exercise for a child’s healthy development. However, it is also essential for that we provide protection from the sun and the risk of burns. Although the playground structure is made from plastic, it can become dangerously hot as it is in direct sunlight. Over the past year the media has reported an increasing number of thermal burn injuries from plastic slides.  As part of the proposal to the Fort Bend Junior Service League, staff ran a test to see how hot the equipment got a midday, using a thermometer we recorded the temperature on the plastic slide, it was 176o F without shade and a much cooler 99o F with shade.

Kate Johnson-Patagoc, Texana Director Specialized Services commented “We are excited that the Fort Bend Junior Service League continues to make grants to our autism program through the proceeds from their Sugar Plum Market.  Having a shade structure for this playground equipment will mean it can be used all year round, and not just in the cooler months.  It is not easy keeping children away from the playground in summer because the equipment is too hot to touch.  I would like to thank the Fort Bend Junior Service League for all the work they do to raise and distribute these funds.  We really do appreciate the members and the difference that they are making for children with autism in Fort Bend County.”

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