Texana Center Authority Services is responsible for deciding if a person qualifies for intellectual and developmental disability services when the services are paid for by taxpayers. To determine if a person qualifies for services, a Texana Center Licensed Psychologist meets with the person and someone who knows the person best. The Licensed Psychologist

  • Interviews the person, and their representative, about the person’s medical, education, work and behavior history
  • Tests the person’s intellectual abilities
  • Tests the person’s adaptive skills (what activities can the person do independently)
  • Explains the results of the testing to the person, and to their representative

To qualify for intellectual and developmental disability services the testing must result in one of the following diagnoses 

  • Intellectual Disability – based on the measure of the person’s IQ; a determination of the person’s adaptive behavior level (ABL); and evidence of the disability that originated before the person’s 18th birthday.
  • Developmental Disability – have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder


Charges for Eligibility Determination

Prior to the completion of the eligibility determination, a Texana Center Intake worker completes a financial assessment to determine the ability of the client to pay for cost of the eligibility determination.  Eligibility determination is a Medicaid-covered service and will be billed directly to Medicaid for clients who are Medicaid recipients. The Texana Center Intake worker will also seek pre-authorization from private health insurance companies, if applicable.   READ MORE on the Charges for Services Brochure

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