Texana Center Authority Services is responsible for helping persons, who qualify for intellectual or developmental disability services, to access needed programs. Additionally, Intake workers help people register on the statewide Interest Lists for various Medicaid Waiver programs.

Each program has unique requirements for enrollment, which are typically defined by the person’s disability and financial status. The types of services vary within each program, and the types of services are typically decided by who pays for the services: the state of Texas or Medicaid. Authority Services is the ‘front door’, or the first step, for finding and enrolling in the following programs:


Interest Lists How to register for various Medicaid Waiver programs. Read More
State Funded Services Services for adults, including respite, employment assistance and supported employment. Read More
Medicaid Waiver Services Services for people enrolled in Texana’s Medicaid programs, Home and Community Based Services or Texas Home Living. Read More
Community First Choice Medicaid program In-home personal assistance service and habilitation training for Children and Adults, Assistance with Applications. Read More
Statewide Intermediate Care Facilities & State Supported Living Centers Residential services for Children and Adults, Assistance with Applications. Read More
Service Coordination Assistance with enrollment into programs, and assistance planning and coordinating services.

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