Crisis Hotline

1 (800) 633-5686

Our Texana Crisis Center provides an Extended Observation Unit (EOU) and a Crisis Residential Unit (CRU) for adults aged 18 and up who are low income, uninsured, or have Medicaid. The Texana Crisis Center is accessed only by calling the Mental Health Crisis Hotline and receiving a screening by the MCOT in the community.  Texana’s Crisis Center is not open to the public and is NOT a drop off center.

The Extended Observation Unit (EOU) provides up to 48 hours of emergency services to individuals in a mental health crisis who might pose a moderate to high risk of harm to themselves or others. EOU’s can accept individuals on emergency detention or alternately individuals who are willing to sign in voluntarily for services.  Services include daily visits with the psychiatrist and treatment team to provide medication stabilization, crisis resolution, and discharge planning.

The Crisis Residential Unit (CRU) provides community-based residential crisis treatment for individuals who have low risk of harm to themselves or others, and who might have fairly severe functional impairment whose symptoms cannot be stabilized in a less intensive setting.  Crisis residential facilities are not authorized to accept individuals on involuntary status.  Individuals can admit directly to the Crisis Residential Unit after receiving a community or clinic screening.  Residential services can include individual, group and family therapy, skills training, case management, medication management, and relapse prevention.  It is a recovery focused community, and residents are expected to participate in groups and community activities.

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