How do I get help for myself or my child?

Individuals seeking treatment for mental illness should contact the nearest Behavioral Healthcare Outpatient Clinic for the next open access intake day.  Intake/eligibility determination is provided on a first come, first served basis at each clinic.  Please contact the clinic closest to your residence to determine the days of the week intake/eligibility is available.  These days change from time to time based on the needs of the clinic and the number of individuals wanting to get into services, so please call the clinic first.

You will be asked to complete forms while you wait to be seen.  Although it is not required, you may print and complete these forms at home and bring them with you. The forms are located in the menu to the right of the screen.

Please bring the following with you.  These documents are necessary to calculate your required monthly payment for services.     

  • Current Medicaid card, Medicare card, Private Insurance card (if applicable)
  • Current driver’s license or other government issued picture identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residence
    • Utility Bill (electric, water, gas) or lease agreement
    • If utility bill is in someone else’s name, provide a signed letter of residency from the individual you live with and a current copy of their utility bill 
  • Proof of Income for Household
    • Prior year tax return
    • If working, two most recent paystubs or  letter from employer
  • Social Security Benefits
    • A copy of your award letter for any benefits you receive
  • TANF
    • A copy of SNAP letter if you are receiving TANF benefits
  • Records of any unusual expenses
    • Major Medical, Casualty Losses, and Child Care


Additionally, for children and adolescents the following is needed:

    • Birth Certificate of child
    • Proof of Income for both parents (or legal guardian)
    • Proof of Guardianship or Custody.


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