Texana Center participates in two joint service Projects with the Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI).

Adult Project

The Adult Project works co-operatively with the Adult Probation Departments in Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend and Waller counties to jointly provide intensive case management services to patients with a Priority Population mental illness and who are currently on Probation. The focus of the intensive services is to keep patients in treatment to stabilize their mental illness, meet probation requirements, integrate into the community, and prevent hospitalization, re-offending and incarceration.

Juvenile Project

The Juvenile Project, called the Turnaround Program, is a joint effort with Fort Bend County Juvenile Probation offering behavioral healthcare services, intensive in-home therapy with the youth and family, probation supervision and wrap around services for youth who are first encountering the juvenile justice system. The thrust of this program is to strengthen families, develop appropriate coping skills, and build support systems to promote healthy parenting and family support and treating the youth’s mental illness. The goal is to prevent further encounters with the Juvenile Justice system and stabilize and continue treatment of the youth’s mental illness.


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