The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Provider Services include programs, services and supports to eligible individuals in the community based on current need and available resources. These services are intended to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities the skills and supports needed to continue to live in the community and to reach their fullest potential.

Behavior Supports and Consultation

Behavior Supports and Consultation are provided through various programs within the Texana Center Specialized Services Division. Behavior Support Services are available to increase appropriate behaviors and to reduce, or eliminate, undesirable behaviors.

Community Supports Services

Community Supports Services (Community First Choice – CFC) are training services and activities that help a person live more independently in their home and community. Assistance may be provided in the daily living areas of money management, shopping, cooking, cleaning, health care management, transportation, and leisure activities.

Any person with an intellectual and developmental disability that has Medicaid is eligible to receive Community First Choice services. These services are paid for by Medicaid and are coordinated through the Managed Care Organization (MCO) that provides coverage for the person’s acute care (medical) services.

Community Supports may be provided through an arrangement called a Non-Traditional Provider. In this arrangement, individuals and/or their involved family member(s) choose someone they know and Texana Center contracts with that person to deliver the service. The provider chosen by the individual/involved family member(s) must meet employment qualifications and training requirements.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are individual or family therapy that is designed to be short term and focus on developing the skills of the individual to cope with current issues or concerns (i.e. Death of a family member, divorce of parents, loss of a primary care giver, etc.). These services are covered by Medicaid and most insurance and are generally provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Psychologist.

Day Services

Day Services are provided in learning centers and include training programs in daily living areas, employment preparation, and leisure enrichment. These services, similar to Community Supports, help a person live more independently in their home and community.

  • Contract Work
  • Learning Center at Eagle Lake
  • Learning Center at El Campo
  • Learning Center at Missouri City
  • Learning Center at Rosenberg
  • Learning Center at Wharton
Dental Services

Dental Services is only offered through the Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) and the Texas Home Living (TxHL) Medicaid Waiver Programs.  It provides the person up to $2,000 per year for the cost of dental services.  The dentist must meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Employment Services

Employment Services help a person obtain a job, improve job performance and independently maintain employment.  Services include teaching a person the skills needed to perform the job, to maintain the job and to advance into other jobs.

Host Home Companion Care

Host Home Companion Care Services is only offered through the Home and Community-Based Services and allows individuals over the age of 18 to live with a paid provider who can be their natural family or an unrelated person in the provider’s home environment.  A provider may not have more than three individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or related conditions living in the home.  The provider chosen by the individual/involved family member(s) must meet contractor qualifications and training requirements.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services includes health assessment and provision of clinical nursing care and are typically provided to ensure a person’s health and safety while at Texana Center service sites, such as a learning center. Nursing services may also be provided to a person with a complex needs who requires assistance with the management of their healthcare in the home setting.

Residential Services

Residential Services is only offered through the Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) Medicaid Waiver Program.  Three, four and six bed group homes are available to those individuals for whom supervision is necessary.  The three (3) bed group homes have staff members who are on site, but allowed to sleep during night hours.  The four (4) and six (6) bed group homes have staff that is awake during night hours.

Respite Services

Contract Respite: Texana contracts with a provider to provide respite in a home owned by the provider.

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