The Texana Behavior Improvement Center is a short-term program for children three years and older to teach them the skills necessary to become more successful in both home and community settings by using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

These skills include:

  • Teaching appropriate behavior
  • Communication
  • Self-care/grooming
  • Social skills
  • Academics
  • Compliance
  • Cooperation with daily routines and instructions
  • Reduction of aggressive/destructive behavior
  • Community integration

By using Applied Behavior Analysis to assess the behavior, Board Certified Behavior Analysts can develop effective intervention strategies and train parents/family, care providers and/or educators in the implementation of the intervention strategies.

At the Behavior Improvement Center, we believe that all children and adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities have the right to effective education, treatment and training that enable them to live fulfilling and productive lives.

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