The Behavior Treatment and Training Center (BTTC) is a short term residential treatment program for children and adolescents ages 8-17 with diagnoses of intellectual and developmental disabilities (including autism) that exhibit challenging behaviors such as:

  • self injurious behavior
  • aggression toward others
  • property destruction
  • or other behavior which puts their continued residence in the community at risk

This short-term residential program assists families in maintaining their children in their family homes and avoiding placement in long-term care residential facilities.  By using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the intensive treatment and training serves the children in the program as well as their families and other providers.  The goal for the program is to return the children successfully to their own communities.  As a condition of admission, families must agree to participate in training and to accept their child back into their home upon discharge from the program.

The Behavior Treatment and Training Center believes that problem behaviors can be changed and that appropriate behavior can be developed and increased.

We are dedicated to ensuring:

  • Positive, proactive, safe, ethical and humane state-of-the-art intervention
  • Meaningful and fully involved participation by parents, guardians, and providers
  • Full protection of human rights
  • Open, honest, and productive consultation
  • Dignity and respect for the people we serve and their families
  • Well-managed, fully staffed therapeutic homes

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