Crisis Hotline

1 (800) 633-5686

Referrals to the Behavior Treatment and Training Center are coordinated by the Local Intellectual Disability Authority serving the county where the child resides. Applications are available below or may be obtained from the Local Intellectual Disability Authority.

Please complete the application for services as thoroughly as possible and attach all appropriate documentation as noted. For assistance in completing this application, contact your service coordinator from the Local Intellectual Disability Authority.

Residential applicants must enclose copies of the following:

  1. ICAP Computer Printout and copy of ICAP booklet (completed by Local Intellectual Disability Authority).
  2. Determination of Mental Retardation (completed by Local Intellectual Disability Authority).
  3. Psychiatric Hospitalizations Discharge Reports (if applicable).
  4. Copy of current month’s Medicaid form letter (if applicable).
  5. Copy of current private health insurance card: front & back (if applicable).
  6. Copy of birth certificate.
  7. Copy of Social Security card.
  8. Immunization Records (including Hepatitis B series vaccine – if begun).
  9. Legal documents (if caregiver is not the natural parent or if child has joint custody).
  10. Complete & return Medical History Questionnaire.

Once a child is accepted into the residential program, the following information shall be needed: Do not send the items below with the application

  1. DMR Update – not older than 3 Months at time of admission (completed by Local Intellectual Disability Authority).
  2. Proof of current TB skin test (not older than 1 year at time of admission).
  3. Copy of current physician’s orders for medication(s) the child is taking.
  4. Hard copy of permanency planning (PP) for children and copy of approved PP from the care system. (do not complete at time of application).
  5. Current school ARD/IEP objectives.

Note: The Behavior Treatment and Training Center is not a crisis intervention program. If a child needs immediate intervention, the family should contact their local crisis intervention services.
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