Imagine having a diagnosis of autism and/or intellectual disabilities and just graduating from high school…Imagine not knowing what to do next…stocking inventory

What if, you could take classes in subjects that interest you?

What if, you could get hands-on training?

What if, you could live independently? 


Texana Center’s newest program, the Center for Advancement, is a college-like setting for students with autism and/or intellectual disabilities to explore their strengths, achieve skills and prepare for competitive employment and independence.

Located at the Texana Fulshear Campus, the Center for Advancement provides classes, training, and support for teens and adults.  Classes include the popular Social Connections Club, where members learn conversation skills and appropriate boundaries, talk about how to be safe on social media and most importantly, make friends.  In the virtual computer classes, students learn skills like photoshop, HTML coding and video editing for a variety of platforms.  The newest class added is a Culinary Class that touches on kitchen safety, knife skills, how to be a barista, baking 101 and basic food prep. 

With many more classes waiting in the wings, this program is all about letting students explore their strengths and prepare them to unlock their potential to lead successful lives within our community.

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