The Children’s Center for Autism is an individualized and intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment program for children that have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This clinic based program applies the principles of ABA to teach the children skills in the areas of appropriate behaviors, self-care, communication, social interaction, academics and more. Children have different needs and the intent is to teach each child the skills they need to be able to learn from a more typical learning environment.

The daily routine includes one-on-one discrete trial training, natural environment training, independence training and social interaction training. Each child has specific individualized objectives to meet. As a data-based program, data on their skill performance is collected daily and objectives are updated weekly, depending on the data. This information is then summarized and provided to the family. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and therefore, training may also take place in the home, community, or school setting as needed.

The Children’s Center for Autism has a preschool on campus. This is an important component of our program and part of our continuum of services to prepare the children for mainstream school. Fading the necessity for one-on-one instruction is a major focus.

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