Income is not a factor in determining eligibility.

Child must live in one of the following zip codes:

  • In Fort Bend County: 77053, 77082, 77083, 77406, 77407, 77417, 77423, 77441, 77444, 77450 (not in Katy), 77459, 77461, 77469, 77471, 77478, 77479, 77483, 77485, 77487, 77489, 77494 (not in Katy), 77496, 77545
  • In Harris County: 77489
  • In Waller County: All Zip Codes, except for portions of 77423 served by Katy Independent School District

ECI determines eligibility for children under age 3 based on:

  • Developmental Delay – Children who are delayed in one or more of the following areas of development:
    • Cognitive: difficulty with playing, learning and thinking
    • Motor: gross, fine and oral
    • Communication: limited understanding or responses in communicating with others
    • Social-emotional: attachment problems, limited parent/family interactions or behavior concerns
    • Self-help skills: feeding
  • Atypical Development – Children who may perform within their appropriate age range on test instruments, but whose patterns of development are different from their peers.
    • Atypical sensory-motor development: muscle tone, reflex or postural reaction responses, oral-motor skills and sensory integration
    • Atypical language or cognition: self-regulation, attention span, repetitive speech behaviors, information processing
    • Atypical emotional or social patterns: social responsiveness, affective development, attachment patterns, and self-targeted behaviors
  • Medically Diagnosed Condition – Children who have a medically diagnosed condition with a high probability of developmental delay are automatically eligible for ECI services.
  • Children with auditory and/or vision concerns should be referred for eligibility determination.


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