Texana Therapy for Tots (T3) is an infant and toddler program that provides early identification and delivery of therapeutic services for children from birth to 36 months with developmental delays or established risk factors for developing delays.

Program offers both center and home/community based services in Austin, Colorado, Fort Bend, Matagorda, Waller and Wharton Counties.

Our Mission is to provide early identification and deliver therapeutic services to children ages 0-3 with either risk factors or confirmed developmental delays within 15 to 24%.



  • Born premature?
  • Born weighing less than 5.5 lbs?
  • Exposed prenatally to drugs or alcohol?
  • 4 months old and NOT smiling at people, holding their head steady, cooing or making sounds?
  • 9 months old and NOT babbling, looking where you point, sitting up, transferring toys from one hand to the other, playing peek-a-boo?
  • 12 months old and NOT crawling, imitating gestures, saying “dada” or “mama”?
  • 18 months old and NOT walking, following directions, saying several single words?
  • 24 months old and NOT engaging in make-believe play, using 2-4 word sentences, running?

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