SPECIAL NOTICE:  Due to COVID-19, our volunteer program is temporary suspended until further notice. If you have questions, please email info@texanacenter.com.
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We’re excited that you are interested in volunteering with us to help change lives! There are many different roles and capacities in which you can choose to volunteer for throughout Texana Center. You may wish to volunteer with our adult clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities or with our children in our autism programs. You may even wish to volunteer in an administrative capacity. Whatever time you are willing to give, whether it’s once a week or once a month, we will try our best to find you an opportunity. Our clients of all ages are such a joy to be around that you might find yourself wanting to spend more time with us!

Examples of Volunteer Opportunities are:

  • Reading to the children in the autism programs
  • Arts & crafts
  • Woodworking with Texana Décor & More
  • Gardening
  • Cooking club
  • Fitness activities
  • And Much More!

Children ages 14 and older are welcome to volunteer independently and children younger than 14 with a group, such as scouts, are welcomed too.

Corporations looking to volunteer as part of a team building project are cheerfully welcomed to join our clients in Texana Décor and More.

For questions about volunteer opportunities, contact:
Andi Wallis
Community Relations Manager
Direct 832-947-5632

Please note that our offices and client programs operate Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

We only have volunteer opportunities on the weekend several times a year. 

Volunteers 14-17 years old

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Volunteers 18+ years old

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Success Stories

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  • Lyle is one of the 34% of adults in the U.S. that has employment and purpose to his life. Lyle has been at Texana on and off for about 16 years.  In addition to his intellectual disability; he was born…

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  • Robert Hurley has been employed as a mechanic at a local nursery since October 2013 and has overcome a number of challenges in his life. One of the things that appealed most to Robert about his job was the challenge…

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