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ABA Treatment Programs

We offer a variety of services for children.

At Texana Center, we offer a variety of short-term intervention programs for children and teens beginning at the age of diagnosis. Our team of well-trained and caring staff use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach the skills necessary for each person to meet their individually identified goals.

We work together with individuals and families to develop meaningful goals in a variety of skill areas including:

  • Communication
  • Self-care
  • Social skills
  • Pre-academics & academic support strategies
  • Success with daily routines
  • Reduction of aggressive/destructive behavior
  • Community integration and belonging
We believe that all children and adults with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities have the right to effective treatment and training to enable them to live fulfilling and productive lives.

For more information or questions please contact CCAAdmissions@texanacenter.com or (281) 238-6793

Programs Offered Include

Children’s Center for Autism

Individualized and intensive clinic based treatment programs that apply the principles of ABA to teach children skills in the areas , self-care, communication, social interaction, pre academics and more.

Clinic Appointments

1 to 4 hour treatment sessions with a BCBA/LBA supervision, 2-3 times per week and typically last 3 to 6 months.

After School Programs

After the student is assessed by a BCBA/LBA, the student may attend this program from 3pm to 5pm, one to two days per week depending on need an availability. Activities include teaching job tasks, appropriate peer interactions and social skills. Students who attend schools within an 8 – 10 mile radius are eligible for pick up.

Social Skills Groups

Discover a world of connection and belonging in our year-round Social Connections Club! Designed exclusively for teens and young adults aged 14 and up with Autism and/or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), our club offers a vibrant community where individuals can explore, engage, and thrive together under the supervision of a BCBA. Embrace a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates uniqueness and is designed to help foster lifelong friendships. With a variety of engaging activities and outings we provide opportunities to develop social skills, expand personal interests, and create unforgettable memories. Together, we’ll navigate the journey of social connections and unlock the endless possibilities of friendship and growth.

Behavior Support Plans

A BCBA/LBA provides a comprehensive assessment of the client and develop an individualized treatment plan to reduce behaviors of concern and increase adaptive skills that lead to independence. This plan also includes parent participation and collaboration to teach caregivers the skills needed to be successful in the home and community. This service includes ongoing data collection, client/staff/family training on the plan, and is provided as needed for Texana individuals in HCS and TXHML waiver programs.

Payment and Eligibility Criteria

Texana Center offers various funding options for services including: private insurance, private pay, Medicaid, State of Texas grant, Texas general revenue (with monthly sliding scale fee) and waiver programs.